New Rob and Kristen Interview with Pro 7 from BD2 Berlin Premiere

Kristen new bit at 1:47 and Rob at 2:00 - Cute Rob gets interrupted while talking about Kristen :)

{Click on the image above to see the interview on youtube}


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18 Responses to New Rob and Kristen Interview with Pro 7 from BD2 Berlin Premiere

  1. Sweet Rob is always looking over his shoulder to check Kristen. SIGHs

  2. I love it.rob and kristen has the best bodygaruds.

  3. So incredible sweet:). I'm so happy for rk, hope they have a relaxing time together right now. By the way just saw a pic with rob and kristens dad together at the premiere, cute!!! How can thoose small things make me so happy? Smiling all the way to the grocery shop, something is very very wrong with me

  4. Think the video was much about their relationship, wish i could understand german;)

  5. Rob is so cute ..he always praises Kristen...I wish the video was translated from German to English...

  6. Ruth bumped into him and hes the one apologizing haha cute. btw I ship HBG and Ruth.. though I think hes married lol

  7. Yeah it was about their relationship. The report was trying to figure out if they are back together, so they were looking for some hints:

    It was said that although they both were trying not to reveal something private there were some indications:

    1. They arrived TOGETHER at the airport and drove TOGETHER to their hotel

    But Taylor was seated between them at the PC, personal questions were strictly forbidden

    Both became sentimental because of the end of Twilight: Rob said that it is weird because he spent almost his entire 20s making these movies, Kristen mentioned that this is her last Twilight press junket interview ever and that they all shared something special that will last forever. But there seems to be a special bond between Rob and Kristen, it was said.

    Some talk about the movie, Edward and Bella having a kid. So there some speculations about R/K having children. Rob said yes definitely and that he needs a hair.

    Some talk about the sexy dresses Kristen wore at the recent premieres. She was asked if she wore them to seduce Rob and she answered that she was doing it for herself. (that's how it was translated, but I'm not sure if she was really asked this question because her actual answer was different, something like "Yeah I am")

    2. Rob seemed impressed anyway, it was said, considering the way he looked at her and he seemed to have an effect on Kristen as well, because she caressed his back again and again.

    3. Rob was having a rave about/praised Kristen: She is not only a great actress, she is a great person too. (That's how he was translated but he wasn't actually saying this, he "just" praised Kristen as an actress).But then he was interrupted by Ruth so he said he couldn't talk about Kristen anymore, because it would be embarassing.

    4.They left the premiere TOGETHER

    5.They were having a dinner at the famous restaurant "Borchardts" TOGETHER

    6.They went bowling TOGETHER

    7.They left the bowling center TOGETHER at 3am and drove TOGETHER back to their hotel.

    So surprise, surprise they came to the conclusion: "It seems that the Twilight dream couple isn't just celebrating a happy end in cinema"

    I really like this little report, although "their statements" weren't really authentic because of the imaginative German translation. But it was a really nice and sweet and cute sum up of their time here in Berlin.

    Greetings from Berlin/Germany

    1. Ooops, I meant obviously heir. The last thing that Rob needs is hair, LOL!

    2. wow thank's alot you trans that, I bet we will see them less than 24 hours from now

    3. You're welcome!

      @Anon 10:16
      What do you mean? What do you know? SHARE your informations, PLEASE!!!

    4. uhm why is that? do they have lined up appearances together?

    5. Thank you so much for the translation<3

  8. Rob is so brilliant, I mean I was blown away by his acting especially in Cosmo. Easily will be the biggest star for generations to come. love you rob

    1. Think so to. Bond would suit like hand in a glove

    2. Yes he was born to be bond, and I agree is will be the bigggest star for generations to come :)

  9. Whoever translated it from berlin "thank u and ur d best!" Anyway, guys dont forget to VOTE for "twilight saga" and kristen stewart ( nominated for SWATH) in Peoples choice award!!! U can as many as u can !!! Our goal is to win for Twilight saga! Coz im sure this will be the last nomination for peoples choice! Lets go!!!


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