New RK Fanmade Video - 'BD 2 Promo Highlights' from the lovely Robstenville (@invinciblehobos)

Video from Robstenville


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10 Responses to New RK Fanmade Video - 'BD 2 Promo Highlights' from the lovely Robstenville (@invinciblehobos)

  1. so sweet and tender i wish them all the blessings and good fortune for rob and kristen and her love!

  2. Love them many blessings and prayers for lifelong love...

  3. May they have a long, healthy, happy life together. They are so special. They certainly deserve it.

    1. Wonderful words! I can only agree with you! I should add that Kristen is lovely!

  4. Breaking Dawn2 was wonderful, and perfect closure to the Saga. I loved all the rc moments, especially in London. Loved knowing that R&K got some time together for R&R. I just saw the photo of them at Heathrow boarding a plane for NY. I am smiling for them, and wish them all the hapiness in the world. I'm looking forward to all the movies they will make.

  5. I just love this video! Thanks! :)

  6. One of the best videos ever- thanks for making it.

  7. Love this video, thank you Robstenville again. Who could say that they don't love each other, I can't.

  8. Great video! I love the song! It's perfect. I have a lot of admiration for both Rob and Kristen. They're not perfect but they're perfect for each other.


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