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6 Responses to New On The Road Stills

  1. Beautiful Kristen! I finished the book but still haven't watched the movie. I can't wait to see it :)

  2. I feel tingly looking at that pic lol

  3. their chemistry look great, can't wait for the film

  4. On the road got a great cast to bring the book alive. Hope audience would appreciate their great performance.

  5. The book is like an American history that shows a very important period of America people. I'm excited someone would bring this story on screen. BTW. I found quiet a few people out there still wanted to tie Kristen personal life to the role she played in the film. Well, if the viewer couldn't tell the different between acting on stage/screen and actor's personal life, then what's the point of watching the movie. I hope those people could keep an open mind and enjoy the movie.


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