New Kristen Interview with Prosieben from BD2 Berlin Press Junket

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8 Responses to New Kristen Interview with Prosieben from BD2 Berlin Press Junket

  1. Last Twilight interview EVER... That must be strange for her! And us...

  2. haha the ending .. soo sweet :)

  3. what do you think of kristen as an actress?? what do you think of her presence on screen?? cause you know when i go on internet for exemple on twitter, i see a lot of bad things about her maybe more then any other actors... i know she's very popular but seems not so fair for me.. i do not say she's the best actress, for exemple i think she needs to let go more herself but at the same time the caracter she has done were supposed to be awkard, a bit sad... so when i say she needs to let go more herself i guess i think that because i have seen so much of kristen on itw (and videos tribute on youtube cought cought ) that i feel like i "know" her... aslo she has that tomboy thing that make me believe that i would have a hard time to see her doing all type of movies... and now that she's on gossips very very much (cought cought) it's seems difficult for her to get parts... so i just want to talk about kristen as an actress as a performer... sorry if my english is not very good (oh i have not see the last twilight yet) what do you think? oh and i'm asking that at the person who is doing this fan site in particular...

  4. * cough cough i'm very sorry for my english

  5. i do believe that my english is very bad sorry, if you can speak french it would have been more simple for me.

  6. aslo i'm not an actress or a movies fan in particular so i'm not an expert! aslo look at this article and tell me what you think

    1. I don't know! For me the article sounds quite condescending. Who is this Alyssa Rosenberg? Is she a filmbusiness expert, what's her expertise, does she have any movie business experiences herself? I don't like people who tell others what to do without asked for. Kristen is in this business since she is 9 years old, so I think she knows how to handle it and doesn't need "advice" from some outstander. I hope she keeps doing what she LOVES to do - to make movies SHE likes - and not making too many compromises because of career considerations. I think she should stay who she is and keep following her heart and guts, otherwise she may become an even more successful but unhappy actress.

  7. Ohh God, its her last Interview. ;(


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