Rob and Kristen at OTR LA Premiere After Party


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From USA Today (Via)

The actress spent Saturday at the press junket for Breaking Dawn Part 2, and at night, after a quick change into a white cut-out Balenciaga cropped tank and high-waisted trousers, walked the red carpet for her indie film, On the Road. Amy Adams, Garrett Hedlund and director Walter Salles were also on hand at Grauman's Chinese theater to debut the film (due out Dec. 21) at the AFI Fest 2012.

It was heavy load, but you'd never know it talking to Stewart, who will premiere Part 2 in just a week. She walked the press line calm, collected and friendly. Not even a stray piece of double-sided tape stuck to her top fazed her when a publicist stepped in to remove it halfway down the red carpet.

"Somebody wore this before me?" she joked, in mock horror.

Her good mood continued at the Audi SkyLounge after-party at the Roosevelt Hotel, where she arrived – more casual now, in jeans, flats and a black leather bomber jacket - with Robert Pattinson. Both sported wide smiles, and the pair hung out with friends until well after midnight.

From Eonline (Via)

Kristen Stewart walked the red carpet at the AFI screening of her film On The Road solo (and stunned in a gorgeous Balenciaga number). But the after party was a different story.

That's because the Twilight actress was joined by none other than boyfriend Robert Pattinson. For the record, Rob didn't walk the carpet and wasn't spotted inside the theater for the movie.

The Audi-sponsored fete was held at the Roosevelt Hotel across the street from Grauman's Chinese Theater (where the screening took place) and the couple spent the evening on the Garden Terrace.

So was the night filled with PDA for the newly reunited duo? Not quite.

Early in the night, K.Stew, who traded her red carpet look for a black leather jacket and black tank top, sat by a fire with costar Amy Adams. The two were deep in conversation while Rob, who wore a black jacket and jeans, sat nearby drinking and talking with some other people.

And when Amy left (after giving Kristen a big hug and making her way over to Rob to give him a big hug as well), the couple continued to make their rounds separately.

R.Pattz drank a Stella and smoked an electronic cigarette while Kristen moved between groups of people, chatting.

The two seemed in great spirits the whole night. Kristen was bouncing around during conversation while Rob had his arm around a male pal as he threw his head back laughing.

Finally, a bit after midnight, Kristen was dancing and Rob made his way back to her. They spoke energetically and were playful, with Rob jokingly showing some dance moves of his own.

As for PDA, she patted his chest a few times as they talked and rubbed his head at one point. He whispered in her ear and put his arm around her for a moment.

Just before 1 a.m, Rob looked like he tried to rally some people to leave and a few minutes later Kristen followed after him.

  • @AndreaMandell: KStew and Pattinson have officially outlasted me at the party. Home James. #AFIFest
  • @MattDentler: Robert Pattinson is at the "One The Road" after-party, you Kristen Stewart fans you. @AFIFEST @IFCFilms
  • @moviemarlene: Yep, Stewart + Pattinson both here @AFI Film Fest party
  • @jtyboone: Kristen Stewart is at AFI and Audi's On The Road after party with a date. And his name rhymes with Pobert Rattinson.
  • @jenyamato: #AFIFest report: Reliable intel says Rob Pattinson is here. Sound the alarm!
  • @nepalesruben: Just spoke to Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund for quick questions about the film.
  • @MissVollmer: Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Amy Adams and Garrett Hedlund at the On the Road after party at the Roosevelt
  • @gringocochino: Thank you Robert Pattinson for signing my photo tonight.
  • @taryder: Kristen and Amy chatting for a while at OTR after party, and she also has a handsome date with her too who just snuck in. Only need 1 guess!
  • @popsugar: Aww! #AmyAdams just gave #RobertAndKristen big hugs on her way out of the @ #OnTheRoad afterparty.
  • @AmyKinLA: R.Patz is surrounded in cloud of cigarette smoke at #OnTheRoad after-party.
  • @nepalesruben: Robert Pattinson here with Kristen Stewart at the On the Road party.
  • @AndreaMandell: Kristen Stewart changed into jeans and flats for On the Road after-party, just walked in smiling with Robert Pattinson.
  • @RaiderVampSixx: @MaryEllen74 yes! Rob and Kristen, they are in the VIP area! :)
  • @RaiderVampSixx: The bartender at thos bar said Rob and Kristen are here #stoked
  • @Life_Of_Lucas: For those asking, Robert Pattinson was having a Heineken at the bar awaiting K Stew's arrival. She was an angel & definitely loves her gays!
  • @Life_Of_Lucas: So good seeing my sweet little angel Kristen Stewart! Love her and good meeting Robert Pattinson in the hotel lobby. Happy Twivember!!
  • @jackkensington: Just saw RPatz & KStew #AFIfest

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20 Responses to Rob and Kristen at OTR LA Premiere After Party

  1. Just love them... thanks for sharing with us... Hope someone will take a pic.

  2. incredible he's here so sweet !!!a new proof it's not PR i love this couple!!!i hope are happy and stay together .

  3. Kristen is even more beautiful in jeans, she is naturally beautiful.

  4. where's the picture of them,i'm so excited to see'z i love these couple so much.

  5. I have the feeling that Kristen doesn't realize how wonderful she is. How most unconscious gestures make her desirable like... Pattinson is a lucky man.


    1. Thanks for the pics and pointing out where they

  7. awwww look at those two *le sigh*

  8. Kristen and Balenciaga's outfit..oh my so sexy, love you Kristen❤❤❤


    1. did robert wiv kristen last nite ??

    2. Yes of course!!!

  9. Of course Rob was there, where else is he going to go?? luv them soo much :)

  10. I don't know how Kristen does it! One minute she is in this killer outfit, the next she is in her casual were, yet she looks fantastic either way. She "stands out" from everyone in just about any event she goes to. When the two of them are together in an interview or premieres, now....that is a sight I certainly would not want to miss. They look awesome together. They just OWN the Stage. Period.

  11. Sorry about the mispelled word, I mean "casual wear"

  12. Is the pic with Rob a fan-pic? Or does anyone know who the lady is?

  13. Is the reason Kristen will not be on Ellen, because of the Q & A for On the Road on the 5th? I mean, really, the girl who plays Irina is going to be on Ellen and Bella is not. That is just weird and not right! Carlisle and Esme, Rosalie and Renessme, Jasper and Irina, and Edward and Jacob = those are the character pairings they have come up with for Ellen's "Twilight Week." We need Bella!

    1. l know its not fine without kristen l don"t know why

  14. I would think so. I know it is hard not to have her there, but conflicts happen. We will see them though at L.A, London, Spain (i think) and Belin premiere. So don't get so upset. Besides, I'm sure Summit set these up during the drama. LET IT GO!

  15. I think Kristen might surprise us and be on the show. And now that the link where it said she was going to do the OTR Q&A is no longer there (when you click on the link it says the page is not found) I think it's even more of a possibility. It'd be really cool (and awesome!) if she did in fact surprise everyone and turned up to be on the show.


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