Mackenzie Foy Talks About Working with Kristen and Rob

Mentions Kristen around 0:44 - "Working with Kristen Stewart is so much fun. She's nice, she's cool, and she gave me pointers and some help."
Mentions Rob around 1:07 - Working with Rob Pattinson was just so fun. He's silly, he's goofy, he's just really, really nice."


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4 Responses to Mackenzie Foy Talks About Working with Kristen and Rob

  1. Is there a cuter girl than Mackenzie? I don't think so!

  2. Right? She is the cutest! :)

  3. I have always suspected that Kristen can communicate well with children. I am sure she will be a great mom, when she decides it is time to have a baby! She is a wonderful woman and will be a good role model for her child! It will inherit her kindness, her beauty and her intelligence, and she will do the rest by educating it perfectly, just as she is.

  4. kid dont lie... The couple is really a gud parent.. Not all young think how to care their kid.. Even they belive being a parent is insthink


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