Kristen Doing On the Road Press Junket Today

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6 Responses to Kristen Doing On the Road Press Junket Today

  1. If somebody wants to find Marc Malkin and punch him in the face for me I would be forever grateful! Also, is this Q&A maybe the reason K isn't on Ellen. Would make sense.

    1. me too i hate marc malkin !!!!!

    2. I think so too, the Q&A probably conflicts with Ellen's show so she can't go. That bastard Marc Malkin is lucky I live in the UK and not the US, otherwise I would have slapped him with my shoe by now. Asshole.

    3. Why? What did he do? Lately, I mean...

    4. I'd really love to know what he did... i'm so out of the loop :/

  2. Yeah what is Marc do?


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