Kristen, Rob and Taylor to promote BD2 on 'El Hormiguero' on November 15, 2012

We'll post more information as soon as it becomes available. El Hormiguero is a funny show in Spain. Kristen and Charlize were there to promote SWATH and they seemed to have a great time. This is exciting :) 

Click here to see Kristen and Charlize on 'El Hormiguero' 

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5 Responses to Kristen, Rob and Taylor to promote BD2 on 'El Hormiguero' on November 15, 2012

  1. This will be AWESOME and HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

  2. I feel that the interviewer Samantha Guthrie was out of line. She came to promote a movie not to discuss her personal life. I am not a great fan of Kristens acting but her personal life belongs to her. The Today Show host were very unprofessional. I think her response was good. Move on people that's old news.

  3. Let me tell you that That show is really really funny, huge hollywood celebrities had been there... Its a HILARIOUS! i wont miss it, for sure!

  4. I am Spanish and I can confirm that the show is crazily funny. Celebrities as Will Smith, Justin Bieber, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, Heidi Klum has come several times to promote films or music and they enjoy a lot. Las week came the music group One Direction and this week Gwyneth Paltrow talking a perfect Spanish. Next week there gonna be Matthew Fox on Monday and Rob, Kristen and Taylor on thursday so it will be really great.


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