Jeff Imada, BD2 Stunt Coordinator, Mentions Kristen

To prep for the final film, in which Kristen Stewart's character, Bella, transforms into a vampire, stunt coordinator Jeff Imada tells Us the actress "did drills, like martial-arts stick training. We'd do three hours of choreography on Saturdays, Kristen's day off. She's a pretty physical girl!" Even when Stewart broke her thumb, "she toughed it out," adds Imada. "She said, 'Keep going!'"

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4 Responses to Jeff Imada, BD2 Stunt Coordinator, Mentions Kristen

  1. kristen srong and awsom

  2. Atta girl....that's the advantage if you're physically and mentally ready any challenges can be thrown into you and I believe Kristen's never back out. Even though she sustained a lot of injuries.....she's a good sport and very professional indeed ...:D

  3. she's such a tough girl, really awesome

  4. She is great, despite the broken thumb and most likely pain she continued the training.


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