Holliday Grainger Talks About Rob

Fassbender, Law, Irvine. It almost seems unfair that Holliday has Robert Pattinson on her co-star list, too. She starred with him in 2007’s TV drama, The Bad Mother’s Handbook when she was 18, and in last year’s Bel Ami. ‘He’s really easy going,’ she says of the Twilight heartthrob. ‘And open – amazingly so considering he’s so closely scrutinised. He’s still managed to maintain a sense of self. [On Bel Ami] you couldn’t get to set half the time because there were so many screaming girls. Even at 5am. It was mad. He had to change hotels because there were so many fans outside one he couldn’t get in. I’ve watched him live with that and it would send me insane. There’s no way could I cope with that.’

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5 Responses to Holliday Grainger Talks About Rob

  1. She knew, and worked with, him before this insane fame so its nice to hear that he hasn't changed.

  2. fantastic comment, he really handles himself so well and with a lot of class

  3. I wish so much that Rob could be nominated for an award. He is such an amazing actor.

  4. I absolutely agree Rob not being nominated really makes me sad:(

    1. He will... give it time. :-) At 26, he's so young & fairly new to 'the game'... he has a long, amazing career to look forward to if he continues to make smart choices in the roles he takes on. And, I have a feeling he will... he's incredibly intelligent AND so grounded & stable for such a young man. That's a rarity... especially in Hollywood today!


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