Gemma Arterton Talks About Kristen's Style

Speaking of being a maverick on the red carpet, Gemma reveals that there's one star who's inspiring her style. 'I know it's been talked about a lot but I think Kristen Stewart is dressing so well at the moment. I love her attitude when she's on the red carpet. She's like [scowls] "this is it". She's the best at the moment in my opinion.'

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8 Responses to Gemma Arterton Talks About Kristen's Style

  1. Who's Gemma Arterton? But shes nice talk about Kristen.

    1. Shes a British actress. She's been in some pretty big movies. She was a bond girl, clash of the titans, prince of Persia. She's comes across really lovely. I'm a big fan if hers so I'm extra happy to see her praising Kristen and her style.

  2. i like her dress i think it hot

  3. She said it right. She got good taste too.

  4. Shes in bond movie i think the previous one. Dont forget to vote in peoples choice award ! U can vote as many as u can everyday ! Twillight saga and kristen are nominted!

  5. In my opinion too!!

  6. Thank you gemma you're so nice

  7. Here is the link to vote for People's Choice Awards:


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