Daniel Craig Mentions Kristen Being a Bond Girl

He talks about her around 2:17

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6 Responses to Daniel Craig Mentions Kristen Being a Bond Girl

  1. Nooo Kristen but if Rob as 007 agent, take that role Kristen..lol

  2. what did he say can't watch video on my ph

  3. Kristen said that she want to be a Bond girl, only because the interviewer push her... She has said before that she doesn't want to be a Bond girl... And Daniel did such a lame joke...

  4. It wasn't a lame joke. You don't get his humour. He joked Kristen couldn't be a bond girl because she's in twilight and it came out at the same time near their film...but then turned serious and said she would make a great bond girl.

  5. the stuff that people put on these actor's mouth sometimes. i just cant.
    i mean wasnt Ben Lyons who were insisting she would make a great bond girl and KS politely shrug it off. And oh, Craig is British so expect his dry humor;-)


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