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0 Days til Breaking Dawn Pt. 2

Breaking Dawn Pt.2 Quote Art from karenxan

We hope you enjoyed counting down the days till the epic finale. It really has been an amazing 5 years (3 for us) and we just want to say thank you!! Now go watch BD2 and enjoy every bit of it

Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 Picspam

Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 Vidspam 

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4 Responses to Countdown to Forever - The day is here

  1. Already watched it twice so amazing. BD2 is fantastic, it romantic, funny, action and sentimental i feel so happy and will love this forever. thanks

  2. a big THANK YOU to you, Robsten Dreams for this amazing site.For bringing to us fans the updates and news of our fave couple, Robert & Kristen. This journey will not end with the last Twilight movie, but to continue supporting Robsten, the good and bad times...together and/or individually.
    Now I'm off to see Breaking Dawn part 2. See you around guys :-)

  3. I can't believe this day is here already. It's bittersweet for me and probably for all of you guys as well. It's been wonderful living in the twilight world these past few years. I'm sad to say goodbye to characters I love. Thank you Robstendreams!

  4. Just want to say thank you very much for your hardwork.


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