Robsten Support Message of the Day~'Won't Give Up on Us'

“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another.” ― Thomas Merton


Video from thatsokristen

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5 Responses to Robsten Support Message of the Day~'Won't Give Up on Us'

  1. thank you for this blog!!i love robsten and their love you beleive again !!!me too!!i hope they are together and happy! i'm french and i don't speack a very good english excuse me but thank you very much for all and go robsten!!!

  2. I immensely admire how they guard their privacy more than ever....they always do. It is only with great love and respect for each other to drive them to fiercely protect what is important to them. These wonderful people are not novelty items for sale, to be judge and be scrutinize yet they brave themselves to succumb to the harshness of the name of job commitment and love for their fans.

    I can only wish the best for them and hoping people can learn to respect them and let them be.

    I admire this blog for standing behind them as always.

    Thank you..thank you.

    Nomad Passing by

  3. This blog is a respite to fans of Rob and Kris who are disheartened by the hate being spewed on some of the gossip sites.. Thank you, thank you for holding on for us. Most of the other Robsten Blogs folded back in August.

  4. This blog site is a respite for Rob and Kris fans who are disheartened at the hate and vicious criticism directed toward Kris and Rob on many of the gossip sites and blogs. Robsten Dreams is one of the few Robsten sites that didn't give up back in August. Thank You, Thank You for hanging in there with us. We love them both. They seem to have a deep connection that normally takes many years to develop. What are Kris' weakness seems to be Rob's strengths and what Rob's weaknesses are seem to be Kris'strengths. They compliment each other beautifully. Ying and Yang.

  5. Olivia, l am a 71y o who love wise smart kind and thoughtful angels on earth like you. THANK YOU. I hope robresten reads and always remember your name Olivia White. Iwill. Helen seal beach Calif.


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