Robsten Support Message of the Day~'Flashback 2010-2012' from @Josi85Robsten

Okay Robsten Dreamers...some bad news, BUT some great news. Today is the last support message of the day. Starting tomorrow we're bringing a new daily post...'Countdown to Forever' as we mark down the days to the final Twilight film :(
We hope you join us and enjoy these posts and the theme of each week. We continue to completely, whole-heartedly support Rob and Kristen and can't wait to see them on the carpet together!
Stay tuned....

When love is real, it finds a way.

Video from jositub

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7 Responses to Robsten Support Message of the Day~'Flashback 2010-2012' from @Josi85Robsten

  1. I'll really miss the support vids but can't wait to see them together again and get some NEW Robsten vids!! Bring on the promo!!!!

  2. ok, maybe the last but our hope not ! thank you for all this time your support for this two really! with all my heart, my prayers and good wishes for rob and kristen cause i keep that hope!

  3. yes is sad but i keep in mind the prayers and my hope for this two in my heart i believe in robsten so thank you to all the team robsten dreams for the support all this time hugs and kisses.

  4. I will regret the beautiful artwork of the fan on vidéos, to support ROBSTEN. They all are great. Thank you for sharing, even without the vid, I will always support Robert and Kristen.

  5. Want to say a huge thank you to Robsten Dreams for the amazing work you've been doing the last few months. It feels as though this fandom has literally gone to hell and back but you guys have been a consistent source for news and updates without any negativity. As sad as I am to see the end off the support videos I am so excited for promo to start. I can feel the tide finally turning and I have a sneaky suspicion that the next month or so is gonna be epic! Keep it up guys, and thank you.

  6. I'm going to miss these. They gave me a lot to smile about during the last few months with all the craziness surrounding R&K.

  7. Thank you for the efforts for keeping Robsten dream alive since July. I enjoy watching Robsten support message everyday. Sometime I even went back to watch my fav. vids over and over again when I missed them. These past few months not only are a overwheelming experience for R/K but for me too. I want to think BD2 promo is the turning page for R/K, to give us a final closure of Twilight saga and also to move on to their career and private life as well. I'm a bit sad but more joyful that R/K could move on everafter. Best wishes to Robsten.


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