Rob to be on The Today Show on November 8

From Gossip Cop:

Robert Pattinson on “Today Show” on November 8

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6 Responses to Rob to be on The Today Show on November 8

  1. That's great! Sooo He and Kristen will prolly be traveling together or at least be in NY on the same day coz Kristen will be in Live w/ Kelly.

  2. Kristen should come with him! Celebs do The Today Show and Live w/Kelly both on the same day all the time! I really hope we don't go through this whole promo without an interview with them together.

  3. I think he is just so funny and perfect
    I was in heaven at the fan event :)

  4. Rob and Kristen together for this epic final is all that I hope for.

  5. He is the most amazing person in the entire universe its just as simple as that. meeting him was just incredible and I am so excited about the rover I will be there with bells on.

  6. This is why I rather they were on GMA. Not only was Kristen today not Rob. I am not sure who got that wrong, but they cut out in the middle of her interview. Right after they asked about her and Rob and never made a comment about it. IF they asked something they shouldn't they should own up to it.


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