Rob at ELLE Magazine's 19th Annual Women in Hollywood Gala Tonight


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HQ of Rob with Uma Thurman on stage

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Details of Rob's Speech (Source | Via)

R. Pattz was out tonight at the Elle Women in Hollywood event in Beverly Hills to present an award to his Bel Ami costar Uma Thurman.

"I'm learning how to read tonight," an actually nervous-looking Pattinson said when he reached the stage. "I find this terrifying."

He laughed, saying that it was "so annoying" to follow other presenters and honorees "who were so funny...[and]so smart."

The Twilight star was dressed in a gray suit, white shirt and tie, his five-o'clock shadow creeping toward six and his hair messy but cool.

Pattinson said working with Thurman was a "pretty crazy experience," describing her Bel Ami role as his wife as "someone more intelligent, more charming, wittier and better in bed than me."

"Which," he added with a smile, "was obviously very difficult to cast."

The codirectors "s--t their pants" when Thurman first walked on set, "and I did a little bit, as well," he cracked.

"Rob, you're a real gentleman on and off the screen," Thurman gushed back.

Pattinson's appearance was not publicized beforehand. Instead, he skipped the red carpet and entered the event through a side entrance at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills.

From THR (Via):

Twilight star Robertson Pattinson was dateless with no Kristen Stewart at his side at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards. He didn’t walk the carpet but did pose briefly for photos inside the event with Elle Fanning and Jaime King, both clad in major event sponsor Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa’s sleek and sophisticated designs.

Pattinson actually seemed pretty nervous about presenting an award to his Bel Ami costar Uma Thurman at the annual awards -- also sponsored by L'Oreal Paris, David Yurman and Lexus -- held at the Four Seasons on Monday. In fact, Pattinson was seen sucking away on his now ubiquitious electronic cigarette before and after he took the stage. Its hard to hide that bright blue light, even when you're holding it under the table. And while there is no smoke from the e-cigarette, there are unmistakeable white puffs coming out of the e-smoker's nose and mouth.

Pattinson has been previously spotted puffing on the smokeless stop-smoking gadget at the New York premiere of David Cronenberg's film, Cosmopolis, and at the Los Angeles premiere of Natalie Portman's choreographer husband Benjamin Millipied’s new ballet, Moving Parts, on Sept. 23.
According to branding matchmaker, Michael Heller, he’s the one who first gave the Twilight star -- and his girlfriend -- the faux ciggie hook-up. "I personally gave Robert Pattinson those electronic cigarettes at the wedding of my friend," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "It was before he and Kristen Stewart broke up. I gave it to both of them."

Pattinson finally took the stage to present his onscreen Bel Ami wife with her Elle award. But first he sang her praises for her choice of challenging and disparate roles in films such as Dangerous Liasons, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and for her Golden Globe-winning role in Hysterical Blindness.

Then he got personal.

“I first met Uma on a movie called Bel Ami and it ws a pretty crazy experience. She played my wife, a character meant to be more intelligent, talented, witty and better in bed than me, obviously a role very difficult to cast." Irony Alert.

“She has a presence that is almost overwhelming,” Pattinson continued. “People momentarily forget who they are when they are in her orbit. And crew members who haven’t smoked in years suddenly start chain smoking because she provides bowls of tens of thousands of cigarettes for no reason.”

But Pattinson has -- in a way -- returned the favor. Earlier in the evening, he offered Thurman, who sat next to him at the dinner table with their respective agents, a puff off his electronic cigarette. And the new mum happily took one puff, and one puff only.


  • @MattDonnelly: Headed to one of my favorite events of the year, Elle Women in Hollywood Awards. Rob Pattinson presenting to Una Thurman
  • @MattDonnelly: Mr Pattinson is in the house, looking dapper in a gray suit and skinny charcoal tie. I believe it's Calvin Klein.
  • @MattDonnelly: Rob is here with his manager Nick Frenel, chatting up some fellow drinks in the cocktail area.
  • @mrjoezee: Sitting at our #WomenInHollywood event in awe of these amazing ladies. Plus funnyman Joel McHale is here & so is Rob Pattison. *cue screams*
  • @marcmalkin: There's Rob Pattinson...sitting next to Uma Thurman and talking to Elle Fanning @elle
  • @ELLEmagazine: "Why did everyone have to be so funny in their speeches?" --Robert Pattinson presenting to Uma Thurman #ellewih
  • @ELLEmagazine: "Sorry, just keep applausing all the time." --Robert Pattinson #ellewih
  • @ELLEmagazine: "Oh god never make me do a speech again, Jesus." --Robert Pattinson #ellewih
  • @MattDonnelly: Rob just hit the stage. Joel McHale cracked a joke saying every publicist in the room is holding their breath. He's doing good tho.
  • @hollywhidden: "Robert you are a real gentleman on and off the screen" - Uma Thurman to Rob Pattinson #ElleWIH @ELLEmagazine

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11 Responses to Rob at ELLE Magazine's 19th Annual Women in Hollywood Gala Tonight

  1. LOVE that Rob's hair is getting long again! HOT!

  2. Would love to know what Rob is responding to in the pic with Elle Fanning....

  3. I always said that Rob is a gentleman and a real man.He's so young at the age of 26 ,but,he's got the integrity and the maturity of an older man.Glad to see the handsome ,healthy and happy Rob is back.You can really tell the difference when he's with Kristen,he's happy ,healthy and looking so handsome.When he was in NY doing the promo there in NY stock exchange,he looks so handsome but you can tell there's sadness and lacking in his eyes,he looks like a lost angel,he's so handsome and so sad,i'm so sad for him that day.I'm glad everything is back to normal now for him.

    1. I agree with you, in New York his smile did'nt reach his eyes and it made me really sad:( but yesterday you can tell he's happy again, his killer smile is back
      It takes a big guy to forgive,he looks happy and I'm glad he does what he wants to do, it's his life!! He looked gorgeous last night!!

  4. that hair messy but cool i want that hair in all the promo of bd p2 please please me rob!

  5. i really love to see rob with that smile omg he is soooooooo handsome!

  6. i love rob more more more

  7. Rob u so very funny and so cute I want to see ur commedy movie with ur love Kristen<333

  8. Yes, he looks really happy these days. And I think he gained a little bit of weight. I guess Kristen is cooking for him again. Whatever makes him happy, makes me happy :-)


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