NEW R/K Vid~'Sweep Me Off My Feet' from the AMAZING @Fiorels90

Video from xFiorels90

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7 Responses to NEW R/K Vid~'Sweep Me Off My Feet' from the AMAZING @Fiorels90

  1. i truely have to say, you are the best... it's amazing what you can make out of pictures, sound and quotes... incredible!

  2. Thank you,Fiorels90!what a beautiful song and video!it's one of my favourite song and I'm happy that you use it to your video to dedicate to rob and kristen.I l love all your video and I can add this to my favourites.I just want to thank you also for cotinuing making a video to rob and kristen and never give up on them.All your video are amazing and beautiful!!!

  3. Hello, please help me and vote:

  4. Long term relationships, the ones that matter, are all about weathering the peaks & the valleys." I think Rob & Kristen can weather a storm.

  5. Awww, I have always loved Fiorel's vids, they are always amazing. And this one is no different. Loved it!

    It's funny, made me think of an interview with Kristen that she gave during Twilight promo (when she was still with M.A). She was asked something about how the love Bella and Edward have for each other, and she said that she had never experienced anything like it, but if she did, she would probably just the way Bella is, totally melting for that guy. I deffinitely thinks she has found it now, she has the guy of her dreams, her soul mate. They belong together, and it's so obvious when you see them together, that it is genuine love and admiration between them. They are happy to have each other!! <3

    Sorry for the long rant, just felt a bit emotional after that vid I guess :)

    Thanks Robsten dreams for your dedication and wonderful work!

  6. Thank you Fiorels90 for being a loyal supporter for Krisen and R/K. I really admire your bravery and loyalty when the July incident happened between R/K. You standed by them since day 1 because you have faith in Kristen and R/K. I'm with you all the time. I want to tell you that your vids really helped me passing thru those difficult time.
    I also like to thank Robsten dreams for doing the same. Best wishes for R/K and the loyal supporters everywhere.

  7. That was SO SWEET... thanks for posting!


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