New Picture + Interview of Kristen in Glamour France November 2012 Issue


The 6 allies of Kristen Stewart

The American face of Florabotanica, the new Balenciaga juice, has the biggest Hollywood salaries, and a sense of coquetry bang on trend.
- Sabine Maida

1. The sharp perfume
"I'm not crazy of perfume, but this Balenciaga juice pleases me! I vaporize it on my wrists during the day, to give me a boost, and the evening, to go out. Fragrance helps to feel more self-assured, more women." Florabotanica, Balenciaga

2. Dry shampoo
"I am not of these Americans who go every day to the hairdresser. I wash my hair just once or twice a week, I often refresh them with a dry shampoo." Full Detox, Ojon

3. Black mascara
"This is my favorite makeup product! I am not loyal to a formula or a particular brand. I try all mascaras, in fact..." Back mascara, Calvin Klein

4. Salt water spray
"I don't like sophisticated hairstyles! I rarely brush my hair... I'm from L.A. and beach look what I prefer, surfer style of Santa Monica." Surf Spray, Bumble and Bumble

5. Best skin care tips
"I'm too young [22] to consult a skin specialist, I look after mine with the excellent products SkinCeuticals. And if a spot comes, I use the Pro-active range, sold in the USA." Skinceuticals Hydrating B5

She also likes...

Milk: "I drink a lot, for nutriments. And I consume a cocktail of vitamins with magnesium. I'm not trying to stay thin but not to lose too much weight! I hate being rachitic, so I feel like a guy, losing all femininity."
Jodie Foster: "She is my number one american beauty icon! Her style has not changed since her debut... And she is always adorable when I see her."
The naturalness: "I am a cool Californian, the opposite of siliconed, discolored creatures of L.A. For example, I love living without socks..."

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One Response to New Picture + Interview of Kristen in Glamour France November 2012 Issue

  1. It opens my eyes when Kristen mentions Jodie Foster here. I see this as a message of appreciation for ms. Foster who has been supporting her over the years...I admire Kristen's courage and bravery to face the difficult situation in life, and now I even like her more cause she possess one of the most precious characters in a person, i.e. appreciation. I have no word but wish her all the best for her road ahead.


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