New Fan Picture of Rob in Sydney October 24, 2012

totes missed out on meeting Robert Pattinson last night coz I was home sick. FML. The boys had a photo with him though, im sure they were thrilled lol

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7 Responses to New Fan Picture of Rob in Sydney October 24, 2012

  1. Who are these people?

  2. Rob wear shirt with the same logo. What logo is that? He looks gorgeous as usual.

    1. I think the logo is for a Go-Karts course in Western Sydney. It looks like the logo is for the course that is about 15 minutes near where I live.

    2. Thx. Glad to know that Rob enjoyed his time in australia.

  3. The logo is for one of the Go Karting courses here in Sydney

  4. Robert pattinson hair reminds me of the first time he did promos for twilight he had alot of hair i like it a little bit shorter.

  5. I looked at the pic and thought ahhhh some pics from 2008 LOL!
    The hair is killing me, we are going down this promo I don't know how we're going to survive all the hotness... Kristen... no words... I think we have to create new ones to describe her beauty.


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