New 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' TV Spot - New Scenes

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7 Responses to New 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' TV Spot - New Scenes

  1. Oh, my god! The end of film will be incredible!!!!
    I enjoy it!

  2. Edward is goin to dieeeee.... I'm just kiding I would never want that

  3. I dont think they let edward die that would be a very diffrent ending than there is in the book. and a lot of people would hate to see him die and there will probably even be people wou will haten the film for it so i think he will be saved

  4. The user took it down. Can I watch it somewhere else? Anyone know?

  5. What happened in the clip that people thought Edward would die?

    1. You can watch it at the source. The Youtube account took down the video- probably because summit made them :(.


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