More of Rob's interview with MTV Australia - He talks about Katy Perry and her movie premiere's after party

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Robert Pattinson was one of several famous faces who helped pop megastar Katy Perry celebrate the release of her flick ‘Part Of Me’ earlier this year.

The ‘Twilight’ hunk was snapped with teen stars Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez piling into the back of a minivan en route to the after party at the famed Chateau Marmont back in June.

MTV Australia asked Rob about the celeb-overload outing when we caught up with him yesterday in Sydney – and the star revealed that despite all the fuss, he didn’t actually manage to see his friend’s movie debut that night!

“Embarrassingly I didn’t actually go to the premiere, I just went to the party!” Rob said with a laugh.

But Katy needn’t worry, as Rob has since made up for lost time.

“I have seen that film though,” he continued, “I really liked it.”

So can we expect Katy to return the favour and support her pal Rob when ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ premieres next month?

“Yeah maybe. Yeah! She should come to it!” said Rob.

The ‘Twilight’ star missed Perry’s 28th birthday celebrations over the weekend because of his trip Down Under, but his other half Kristen Stewart managed to put in an appearance at the Halloween themed bash, which saw Katy dressed up as – you guessed it – a vampire!

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3 Responses to More of Rob's interview with MTV Australia - He talks about Katy Perry and her movie premiere's after party

  1. I like their friendship. Katy seems like a nice person, and she's even tweeted nice things about Kristen in the past so she's okay by me. Lol however I am gonna have to disagree with Rob about the Part Of Me movie...I saw it too, it was awful to say the least lol

  2. Why so much thing coming up from Robs Promo and nothing from Kristen, just this weird TV Show? When are all her appointments? She is in Japan over 24h, its daytime there since hours and just this one thing and the fan event today... sad. Robs interviews came immediately.

  3. "but his other half Kristen Stewart..." = LOVE IT !!!!!


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