Max Thieriot Mentions Kristen with Next Movie

What was your first acting gig?

"Catch That Kid" with Kristen Stewart and Corbin Bleu. It came out in 2004.

You've co-starred with people like Kristen Stewart, Rachel Bilson and Jennifer Lawrence. Who is your dream love interest on-screen or an actress you think you'd have chemistry with?

It's obviously not Jen anymore because we've already done that. I'm really close friends with Kristen and have been since I started acting because she's the first person that I ever met. That might be a little difficult because we're so close, but at the same time maybe it would be easy because we're good friends. She appears in "Jumper" but I didn't have any scenes with her. We've been trying to do something together since then, but it didn't work out. I'm sure eventually we'll do something together.

"Harry Potter," "Twilight" or "The Hunger Games?"

I'm going to go with Kris on this and take "Twilight."

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4 Responses to Max Thieriot Mentions Kristen with Next Movie

  1. The sweet girl turned into a beautiful woman!

  2. Almost everyone who had worked with Kristen before wanted to work with her again. It shows that she has a wonderful personality. I just don't understand why those haters and some media dislike her? I hope she keep strong and keep going for where her goals is.

  3. I agree she has turned into a beautiful woman. The haters and some media dislike her because she hasn't bitten her tongue on a few subjects and may have used words that some don't think is PC or hell just don't like the girl. BUT what I find more rewarding is that her real friends and family and even some that didn't have nice things to say about Kristen before all this, have said and done things to show that this young woman has a presence that is not going anywhere soon. When Twilight is over and a year from now SHE will be still acting and in demand. Most of this BS will be pushed upon some other IT girl unfortunately.

  4. He chose to stick with Kristen. What a sweet guy~~


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