Kristen 'Into the Wild' TIFF Portrait MQ/Untagged


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11 Responses to Kristen 'Into the Wild' TIFF Portrait MQ/Untagged

  1. Beautiful! Normally I don't like bleached, but she is great! I like her every way.

  2. She's beautiful as both brunette and blonde

  3. No wonder Rob, Walter etc, a bunch of people talked about Kristen in ITW film. Kristen just catch your eyes in this pic. Like she's going to tell you some stories.

  4. I like Kristen at that period of time. Her career is just about blossoming... What if she chose a different path at that time and had a stable acting career without all the fame and drama. I think she would prefer that kind of life so that she could live a normal life without paps stalking.

    1. However fate has a funny way of bringing people together. It was meant for her to meet Rob and they had an instant connection. Their relationship grew from mutual respect and friendship,before it became romantic. Their relationship continues to grow and it's a beautiful thing to watch.

  5. She is absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  6. That's why her co-stars esp. Rob fell for her. She's gorgeous. And she has an aura about her. She's not shallow like most hollywood actresses are. People forget that she's young because she does not behave like some 22-yr olds who are carefree, superficial and attention seeking.


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