Green Day's 'The Forgotten' Music Video from BD2 Soundtrack

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Green Day


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5 Responses to Green Day's 'The Forgotten' Music Video from BD2 Soundtrack

  1. Edward and Renesmee! OMG!

  2. OMG ... I can't wait to see the piano scene. One thing that I fell in love with Edward character is because he is good pianist. And event more in love because Rob is musician ... good in guitar as well as piano. Oh God ... I'm dying to see Rob Pattinson singing and playing music. I hope he will do it more in the future.

  3. Yes so beautiful!!!!

  4. I love it that Bella is also in the piano scene. I wouldn't have liked her to be left out from this...You can see it's not Mackenzie in this scene :)
    By the way, the song is beautiful...


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