Countdown to Forever~Flashback to Twilight~29 Days to the Epic Finale

29 Days till Breaking Dawn Pt. 2

Twilight Quote Art from karenxan

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3 Responses to Countdown to Forever~Flashback to Twilight~29 Days to the Epic Finale

  1. after all the activities movie promo and balenciaga duty complete, Kristen will leave LA and we can often see her next year with a new look,I've started to miss her...sad but happy and haters ready to cry

  2. Wow that picture did it for me! soo glad they are together because I would fall apart seeing this!!

  3. Wow, this flashback series is so awesome. Thanks for your effort to create this amazing postings, Robsten Dream team. It does bring back the memories started from the original Twilight. All the good ones which let us fall in love with E/B and accordingly R/K. I wish this memory countinue to grow in R/K real life after Twilight saga movies. I do wish all the haters would also calm down after watching this flashback. After all, we do want that kind of love in our real life, so why distroy it when there's a possible one of the kind in your world. Embrace it, don't destroy it, please.


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