Countdown to Forever~Flashback to New Moon~21 Days to the Epic Finale

21 Days Till Breaking Dawn Pt. 2

New Moon Quote Art from karenxan

New Moon Picspam




New Moon Vidspam
Video from forevertwilightxx

Video from Lisa7bella1

Video from Woodstockieee

Video from SkyAstrid

Video from DayJolie80

Desktop Backgrounds from karenxan

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2 Responses to Countdown to Forever~Flashback to New Moon~21 Days to the Epic Finale

  1. How sweet these NM caps and vids are they make make me nostalgic I'm in tears already. Sorry for been a wuss but I can't help it NM was very emotional.

  2. NW does take your breath away after watching these vids again. Esp the second one (halves of the whole) capture everything about their love, so touching. I like Kristen's performance in this film, no word can describe her pain. It also reminds me R/K love in reality, I can almost relate NW to R/K for what's happened for the past few months. I really hope their relationship can be like Twilight, go through the difficult time together and live long together.


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