Countdown to Forever~Flashback to New Moon~23 Days to the Epic Finale

23 Days Till Breaking Dawn Pt. 2

New Moon Quote Art karenxan

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6 Responses to Countdown to Forever~Flashback to New Moon~23 Days to the Epic Finale

  1. I love all Twilight movies, but especially New Moon. I don't know why, but New Moon the book and the movie have always been my favorite. waiting for BD2..

    1. me too new moon just got that something ,the book,the movie the music and yes i admit ,when the promo was different for rob and kristen and the fans !awwwwwwwww love is in the air!

    2. all fine but honestly the first video , that song kills me i cry i'am just sentimental i'am woman what do you want!

    3. I watched NM movie before i'd read the book. I went on a caravan holiday to relax, so took the book with me. Even though I knew what was going to happen, it still had me in tears. The race to save Edward was almost unbearable to read lol. I'm totally Team Edward so I could really feel Bella's pain.

  2. The NM header is beautiful. Your team really put lot of energy into this final show. Thanks for the good memories recap.

  3. Love Edward in the reemergence scene in NM, Edward was never more beautiful or perfect when Bella saves him.


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