Countdown to Forever~A Flashback to Twilight~30 Days till The Epic Finale

30 Days till Breaking Dawn Pt. 2

With just a month left until the epic finale our team would like to take a look back starting with Twilight. Each week (On Twilight Tuesday) our blog will feature a theme from the past films and dedicate our daily posts to that film. 

It seems like only yesterday when a clumsy, brown haired beauty asked 'Who's he?' and we were introduced to Edward Cullen ~le sigh~

Here are some favorite pictures and videos from Twilight. Also a daily quote and an amazing background for you to use thanks to the talented karenxan


 Amazingly Beautiful Desktop Background from karenxan

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4 Responses to Countdown to Forever~A Flashback to Twilight~30 Days till The Epic Finale

  1. Aww, realisation is kicking in - it will be over soon :(

    Twilight is my fav of the saga, both book and movie.

  2. That's is the most beautiful banner!!!! U guys did an amazing job. When I see that banner man it brings back a lot of memories :). Amazing job!!!!

    1. Thank you :) Karen really does an amazing job with our banners <3

  3. jaaj gracias chicas para calentar motores feliz y triste unos recuerdos hermoso bajo lo que pas en la pantalla y el significado de rob y kris buena idea la foto esta justo para esta espera la ultima de la saga.


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