Breaking Dawn: Part 2 London Premiere Location Announced

The 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' London Premiere will be at Leicester Square.

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7 Responses to Breaking Dawn: Part 2 London Premiere Location Announced

  1. I can't wait to see Kristen. Every day she looks much more beautiful! She is captivating with her beauty, her intellect and her talent! I’ll always support her as much as I love her, regardless of her personal choices! I care deeply about her, no matter what. I regret that Twilight is over and I’ll support her and her other projects to come! I'm sure she will have a bright future!

  2. I agree with you anon 1:57.I can't wait to see her and wishing her all the best in her career,lovelife,family,friends and her true fans all over the world.I love and always support her too!!!whatever she choose I respect and support her.I will go out tomorrow to watch on the road and I'm so excited to watch this movie.

  3. I seriously need to go to this, If I saw Kristen and Robert it would be a dream come true! If I saw them I would thank them for everything they have done for me:3 I love them with all my heart! all of The Twilight Cast really! so talented and inspirational! I adore them!

  4. what happened to the reactions?


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