2 NEW R/K Vids~'She is the One' from FragileCloud, 'I Will Be' from @invinciblehobos

Video from FragileCloud

Video from Robstenville

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8 Responses to 2 NEW R/K Vids~'She is the One' from FragileCloud, 'I Will Be' from @invinciblehobos

  1. thanks lord for this beautiful couple, when someone find the true love, fight to protect them forever.

  2. Great vids! Watching them makes me cry. Rob and Kristen have been through a lot of gossips,scandal, haters and yet they're still together. Amazing.

  3. Anyone know if the quote at the end of the "She is the one" Video is actually from Rob. If so, where?

    1. Here: http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2012/10/newold-rob-interview-from-cannes.html

  4. i become more sentimental this days and this videos i never get tired to see this images, the moments and then the music oh god, just bless this love!!!!!!!!!

  5. I hope their love become stronger than ever ... They are perfect for eachother.

  6. Beautiful vids to a beautiful couple❤


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