2 New Edward and Bella Stills from Breaking Dawn: Part 2

The stills are from The Twilight Saga: The Complete Film Archives

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11 Responses to 2 New Edward and Bella Stills from Breaking Dawn: Part 2

  1. Rob looks very different in the BD2 than in the first twilight movie. I wonder what changed and I realized it's his eyebrows! I guess they trimmed his eyebrows in the first movie. And, of course, the hair and his sideburns. Kristen's face hasn't changed so much.

    1. New Moon Edward was the best.

      Yeah they made him wax his eyebrows in Twilight. They looked too sharp, not at all natural. They should have just thinned them out. I think I read an interview Rob did where he said he refused to wax his eyebrows after the first movie lol.

  2. Kristen is beautiful

  3. They really the most cute and beautiful couple ever!!!!I just love them!!!!

  4. They are so cute together. They bolong together.

  5. I just hope they're still together, soon will know! !! When promos start.

  6. I agree. Nothing beats chemistry!

  7. Yes they are really beautiful! I hope their love for one another is strong enough to last after that scandal! I too think they belong together! It will be very sad seeing the last movie thinking they are over in real life!! :(

  8. People think E/B is the most cute and beautiful couple ever on screen that proves R/K both do an excellent job playing their parts. Together or apart in real life, I still think they'll do their best for the relationship, the end result is up to the fate.

  9. robsten,e um casal perfeito,nada ira destruir esse lindo romance.

  10. The chemistry between them are amazing.i love both of them and they belong together.i mean ,you can just observed the mood when they are together.THEY ARE HAPPY TOGETHER.


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