Sam Riley Talks About Kristen with Scotsman

For his part, Riley is full of praise for Stewart’s performance.

“Kristen was hired before Twilight I think but it took that long for this film to come to fruition. Before that she’d worked with Jodie Foster, Sean Penn had chosen her, a lot of people with a lot of knowledge of the business had hired her for the actress she is.

With Garrett [Hedlund] as well, the system at the studio tends to mean only certain types of film are made, which then pigeonholes actors as eye-candy. But it’s not true. They [Stewart and Hedlund] don’t have anything to prove to their colleagues but they have something to prove to elements of the media or the industry that pigeonholes them. I think Kristen is great in the film.”

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6 Responses to Sam Riley Talks About Kristen with Scotsman

  1. And she is sooooo talented Sam!!!

  2. I just saw on Robsten Tumblr that Rob and Kristen were spotted at Soho house having dinner. Anybody know anything. This may have been last night. Not sure. Any truth to this? There were no pics just supposedly some tweets.

  3. Almost every person who worked with Kristen before is impressed by her professionalism. Kristen is a private person. I hope people appreciate her work more and judge her personal life less. I wish she could leave the recent gossip behind and move on to a better new life.

  4. You can tell those who know / work with Kristen can realy "get" her~

  5. Hi,Monica!!!nice to know that you here...I miss to read all your comments in tempest and Rose blog.I agree with you,all the people that work to kristen compliments her how hardworking and amazing she is.I can't wait what is her upcoming project and hope she's working soon.


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