Nicolas Ghesquière Talks About Kristen in His Interview

HR: The campaign was shot by Steven Meisel and stars Twilight actress Kristen Stewart, why was she chosen to be the face of the fragrance?

Ghesquière: For me, Kristen Stewart has a very unique personality. I had this special project due for a magazine and I asked her to be a part of that story. That’s how we met. The moment I met her I thought she was so Balenciaga and she had such an interesting personality and a great beauty. I began wishing for her to be part of my story so I kept that in mind, and when we started working on this project, I knew it had to be her.

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3 Responses to Nicolas Ghesquière Talks About Kristen in His Interview

  1. All who know Kristen say only good things about her! It proves something we have not doubted, and it is that she really is a very good person!

  2. I love to see Kristen working with professional artists. The Kristen inside the video is beautiful, sweet, shy but confident. I think when she's working with some professional people with same value, she just shine. I hope she could leave the past behind and keep going. I believe in her that in the future she'll be a better person in many aspects.

  3. She looks stunning in the pic above!


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