New Fan Picture of Rob at LAX Today

  • Landed! Now for customs and baggage claim... (@ Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
  • Zomg, staring at Robert Pattinson at the airport in the customs line next to me~ Ridiculous!
  • @ranleee haha seriously. I did a double take when I saw him. Typical celeb dress though. Baseball cap, dark glasses, nondescript clothing~
  • @MaryFletcher3 @athenachen0126 @somelostbliss yup! Just an hour or so ago! He was headed to a connecting flight!
  • @mocking_Bird36 this afternoon! Around 3:00pm :)
  • @julieta_js looked like he was taking a connecting flight since LAX has connecting flights to the right and the exit to the left for TB Term
  • @Estelle_stell the guy in the suit next to him was airport personnel. He was escorting him through the airport :)
  • @RobFan85 it looked like he was since he didn't exit the airport and went to transfers.
  • @_ohsebastian he seemed pretty relaxed to me and was chatting with the guy escorting him :)
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