Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Trailer

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Edward: I've had a bad habit of underestimating you. Every obstacle you've faced, I didn't think you could overcome it. But you just did.

Jacob: I didn't expect you to seem so... you.

Bella: My time as a human was over... but I never felt more alive. I thought we would be safe forever, but forever isn't as long as I'd hoped.

Irina: I have to report a crime. The Cullens, they have done something... terrible.

Edward: The Volturi think Renesmee is an immortal child.

Bella: She was born, not bitten. She grows every single day.

Aro: Oh my!

Carlisle: Creating an immortal child has long been outlawed. And has met with the severest form of punishment... death.

Jasper: What is it Alice?

Alice: The Volturi, they're coming for us.

Edward: If enough people knew the truth, then maybe we could convince the Volturi to listen.

Bella: Our search began, looking for vampires in the most remote corners of the world.

Edward: My family is in danger, I need your help.

Bella: Each with their own gifts.

Garrett: You are an amazing woman.

Benjamin: We'll join you.

Jacob: The packs will fight. I've never been afraid of vampires.

Bella: I'll never let anybody hurt you.

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