We're back!! :)

Hi guys, first of all thank you so much for sticking around and for understanding that we needed some time to get away from all the madness. We're in much better spirits now and we thank you for being patient. Anyway the reason we are writing this is because we want to inform you guys that we are back to blogging, and we're here to stay. This new road will certainly not be easy; there will be alot of people that won't agree with our actions, and we completely understand. This will still keep being a blog about Rob and Kristen. There will be no hate tolerated towards them or anyone on this blog. This was always a happy and drama free place, and we'd really like to keep it that way. We're here to support Rob and Kristen. Together or separately. That has been our motto since day one and there's no reason why it should stop now.

We are dedicated to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Their work together and individually. We love them both together and separately and truly believe in their love. Thank you for visiting our little home :)
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 We love those two like no other, and I think I speak for all of us here when I say that we truly love and admire Rob and Kristen - their individual person, we are so proud of them. Yes, we LOVE them as a couple, we can't deny that was an amazing part of what we did. We loved to fan girl about their cute relationship and their amazing and true love. We've witnessed so many adorable moments to count, but in the end regardless of what happens with their personal lives, I believe that now, is when they need us the most - to support their careers. We hope that you still join us in celebrating their achievements, and, maybe even their love. Time heals and we are big believers that their love will make it through this. And, if it doesn't, then we'll still be here to support their careers.

~ Alma, Ingeyla, Ruby, Casey and Karen.

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