New Site Banner to support the premiere of Cosmopolis

We are changing to a new Cosmopolis banner to support Rob and the premiere of his new film, 'Cosmopolis'. For those of you that may be new to the blog; this is something we've been doing for a while to support the upcoming films of Rob and Kristen. We'll be back to our usual Rob and Kristen banner in a few days. We hope you like it -- thanks @Karenxan :)

We're excited to see Rob at the premiere of 'Cosmopolis'. He will be doing some promotion for it all week. You can see his scheduled appearances on the side bar and we'll be updating everything here as well.

  • The premiere will be at 7:30PM ET | 4:30PM PT - (No live stream available as of now)
  • Rob will be on 'The Daily Show' today at: 11PM ET | 10PM  8PM PT - Live Stream - here | via

Cosmopolis is opening August 17 in NYC and LA and everywhere else on August 24. Make sure to go out and support his movie.

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