Bid on Rob's Artwork for 'Home Plate Project'

Dear Rob; We love you :)

Rob’s drawing on pencil is named ‘Unfinished City’.

Click HERE to bid on the artwork. Bidding ends August 31st!

More about Rob's involvement
- Rob drew the artwork by pencil on a real, wooden, home plate. The plate was painted white and you can see the smudge marks by Rob from the pencil.
- Rob drew the artwork about 6 weeks ago.
- Rob's assistant, Jeff, knows one of the team members and asked Rob to participate. Rob was excited to do so.
- The home plate by Rob also comes with an autographed photo that Rob gave to help with legitimacy.
- The dimension for the home plate are 15.5 x 15.5 and the picture is 4 x 6. (Via)
Learn more about the Home Plate Project HERE and follow @HomePlateProjec

The Home Plate Project team sent over some better images of Rob's donation as well as the autographed photo that is included in the bid. They will see if they can gather more information about Rob's inspiration but they had this to say: "We're just thankful and grateful that he stepped up like he did and the finished product that you see is from his hands and vision." (Via)

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