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Celebuzz caught up with Kristen briefly at Comic-Con and asked about the status of Cali:

“Oh man, I’m talking to Nick everyday, we’re still figuring some stuff out,” said Stewart.

So is she really going to get in “porn star” shape?

“Yeah man! I will be hitting the gym. Hard.” she said.


Now that it’s the last Twilight appearance at Comic-Con, Robert Pattinson told EW he realized he would like to come back someday and experience it as an attendee (in costume, of course). “I’d love it,” he says. “Maybe a Darth Vader mask or something.”

The question first came up at the Breaking Dawn –Part 2 panel when an audience member asked Pattinson and Stewart what villain they’d choose to dress up as if they came to Comic-Con for fun. Stewart, with a sly smile, said the Evil Queen — a nod to her co-star in Snow White and the Huntsman. Pattinson named Zod.

“I can’t believe I said Zod,” Pattinson said a couple of hours later, relaxing in a much-quieter-than-Hall-H hotel room. “He’s the bad guy from Superman II. I actually have no idea why I said him. I just remember, ‘Kneel before Zod‘. Now that’s been stuck in my head all day.” The actor estimates that he probably last saw Superman II when he was 9-years-old.

Lautner, who did not get to answer the question during the panel, chose a good guy rather than a bad. “I would love to dress up as Iron Man,” he said. “I would also really like to get a suit that has a jet pack.”


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