TEAM JACK Q&A Updated!

Team Jack has been updating his Q & A with the fans lately on twitter....

Here are some of the questions....

Why is Bill waiting for the BD2 DVD to release BD1 deleted scenes?
Jack: ...PART I commentary track, por favor? 

Will we see Garrett's speech against the Volturi?
Jack: "Too soon to tell", which heretofore will be abbreviated as "Tstt" in future tweets. So say we all. 

 Will there be a photo shoot of just Rob, Kristen and Mackenzie together?
Jack: Did you get both EW covers or...just the one? ;-D 

How many songs will Edward play?
Jack: As Ian McKellen improv'd while taking a martini off a party tray in GODS AND MONSTERS, "Just the one." 

Will there be destruction in any part of E/B cottage during their sex scene in BD2? Like bed, wall or furniture... ;)
Jack: No, Emmett! 
ed. note: nice Twihard response, Jack! <3

 Did Bill include the scene from NM where B and E are running? would be the best way to show Alice's vision came true!
Jack: You've already seen Bella racing through the forest on the first teaser trailer, so yes. YES. 

Were there body doubles used during the BD sex scenes? I don't think so but there are rumors online.
Jack: Okay, NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. Let's send that to all of the rumor-monger types with their busy rusty typewriters. 
ed. note: please share this far and wide! Sheesh.

There are many more but you can find them here....Enjoy!! We love Jack! 

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