'On The Road' will be released at the end of this year! Yay! :)

Q: Yay. :) Any news if the movie'll hit any more film festivals until then? Sry for bothering you, jw. :)

  • A: it will, you will have occasions to watch it in the US before the releasing, I will let you know !

Q: Any plans to release a new trailer or clip?
  • A: US distributor is working on it and few new other things..

Q: #OTR mrktng needs 2B well-planned/executed. Got purists, conservatives to deal with. Movie shouldn't be limited release
  • A: the distributor is very good and plan a a big release, you'll love it.. he will need all of you, a campaign is a campaign..

Tweets via OTR Producer @charlegillibert

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