New fan pics of Kristen from Thursday night and Friday

From iLoveYouKStew: just met Kristen Stewart omfg. She shook my hand omg she's so nice. She told me : Hi, nice to meet you I'm Kristen and she shook my hand :'D. Kristen is so fucking amazing! She was so nice with me omg! I love her even more!

From tatilovato: “I don't even know what to say...but..FINALLY!!!! My fucking Queen. She is EVERYTHING. she means the world to me & the fact that i actually talked to her, hugged her & she signed some of my stuff means more than everything to me.. I was a MESS before & after this. Ugh #Loveofthelife #KristenStewart #flawlesslyperfect she is just too fucking amazing. Idc what anyone says after 2 years of this shit i finally got my moment with her & whoever wants to hate..go on ahead..doesn't change anything. I couldnt have asked for a better moment. It was just beyond words. I love this girl so damn much! the shit i go thru for her is just rediculous but Today actually happened & it just made me the happiest girl in the world i was smiling all day & for me that's pretty rare. She makes me smile :) i love you kristen Thanks to her bodyguard who i couldnt stand lol & @m0nieinthemiddle for helping me & not giving up! Love you! <333”

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