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P: The last Twilight movie comes out this November, you were in Cannes to promote On the Road and now we can see you, this month, on the big screen in Snow White and the Huntsman. It's a big year for you, is it the most impressive of your career?
KS: The most exciting for sure! And yes probably the most important since the first Twilight movie. I'm happy to have three different movies. The contrast between all of them might help viewers see me in a different light. But it wasn't something I planned. I didn't tell myself: "Perfect, let's make sure those three movies come out at the same time, so people can see how wide my acting range is." *laughs* It was a fluke, it wasn't the result of a strategy or a some kind of big career move.

P: It's hard to not see, with Cosmopolis and On the Road being selected at Cannes, that the Twilight chapter is ending for you and Robert Pattinson ...
KS: Yes, Cannes is like the Holy Grail, the ultime goal for every actor. It's not why we do this job but there's no more gratifying reward than to have a movie selected there. Saying this, tho, it's hard for me to talk about the end of Twilight. First, because the last movie isn't out yet and second because I never felt like I was trapped by the saga. I always tried to have a change of air, to do something different between two movies.

P: The difference being that before, between two Twilight movies, you would film tiny independent movies like Welcome to the Rileys or The Runaways. Snow White and the Huntsman is, on the contrary, a big budget movie and the first of a new franchise where you're fully assuming your movie star status.
KS: I don't see it like this. At first, I was against the idea of a movie that could have a sequel. A new franchise? Thanks, but no thanks. Especially not a saga based on Snow White, a story everyone knows with a beginning, a middle and an ending. I didn't want to be chained to a project for such a long period like I was with Twilight. I love those movies, it was a great adventure but I really want to move, to gather in experiences. And then I met Rupert Sanders (the director of the movie) ... I fell in love with his imaginative world, and his aesthetic process.
He gave me a glimpse of an unseen world in which I wanted to evolve. When you meet a director, you know really fast if you're gonna mesh well together or not. He's going to be your boss, the one you have to follow no matter what for months. Choosing a movie, a role, is nothing rational. It's a gut reaction, almost indescribable.
And then overnight, you can't think of anything else. My meeting with Rupert made me go for it.

P: Will there be a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman?
KS: I don't want to count the chickens before they hatch and I probably don't have the right to tell you this, but yes. We're pretty optimiste. We're all proud of the movie, we want a sequel. If there won't be one, it won't be the end of the world but I have hope.

P: So you sold yourself for the next five years...
KS: It's weird, right? It settles what I was saying: there's no logic behind my career choices!

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