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(5.6.2012 - 5.12.2012)

What's up, dreamers?
As you probably already know, this week was beyond crazy! It was "twitter meets Robsten PDA pic" crazy. The SWATH promo kicked in and so much stuff came out... I guess we all need to catch up and make sure we didn't leave anything behind. But first, happy birthday, Rob! Our countdown and birthday posts will be better to express our love today, but we couldn't leave that out. Now to the recap!

Last sunday Kristen left Los Angeles, heading to the MET Gala. When pics of her landing in NYC came out, a big discussion started on Twitter about HBG 'protecting' too much and whatever. Let's ignore whole drama here and focus on two things: Orioles and red converse. In Neeew Yoooooork... She was walking around like the badass chick she is, while making smoking look more sexy than it should.  We also got to know that Snow White and The Huntsman was hitting early screenings in various US cities (the movie premieres on June 1st), which will probably bring us some spoilers and, hopefully, proud tweets from the lucky fans who get to see the movie first. Speaking of which, we love the new Claires SWATH merchandise. I'm sure the whole economic crisis was caused because Robsten fans have to buy everything and end up making the entire family poor, selling furniture and their mothers to buy magazines and movie merchandise.

On Monday we woke up with more info about The Rover from the producer Liz Watts, who is hoping the movie will go into production late in the year. Good to hear about Rob's project a little bit! And allow me to go On The Road before hunting Snow White again (bad joke), a new cover of Kristen, Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlunk for the french M Magazine came out, so we have hopes to get another sexy Marlboro add photoshoot this month. As expected, there's a big SWATH banner at Universal Studios with a new pic, the forest on the background kind of reminding us of Wonka's chocolate factory. Or Twilight's meadow on LSD. Cool image.

Kristen's Jay Leno backstage interview with Bryan came out and we all know she looked so divine that day.  Also a sneak peek of the Yes/No Show with the SWATH cast and of course @JoshuaHorowitz would find a way of mentioning Rob. We trust Josh to do that in a non-TedCasablanca way. Our girl was again spotted walking around NYC, wearing that classic Balenciaga jacket and boots, like the good spokeswoman she is, and we're forever loving those pics. No one should look so good in a candid.

Busy monday is busy, but we were mentally prepared. She was on Jimmy Kimmel, which was taped last week, and talked about her foot injury, Coachella, her birthday, bowling and, of course, SWATH. Nice interview, she was funny and relaxed. Kimmel always gets great interviews with her. Now the MET Gala... We were waiting for her to show up and freaking out as usual. She walked the red carpet very fast with Nicolas Ghesquière and some fans were there tweeting about her arrival. It's hard to know what caused more discussion this week: Obama openly speaking about supporting gay marriage or Kristen Stewart's MET Gala dress. Political discussions and fandom discussions can get equally serious. Pics of her arriving at the after party came out the next day.

Tuesday was almost as busy as monday. Talking movies: we started the day with a new Cosmopolis clip from ET Canada, the news that AMC Networks has acquired U.S. distribution rights to On The Road and it was reported that Nick Cassavetes is set to direct Cali. Talking drama: Nikki Reed mentioned Rob and Kristen on a interview to Celebuzz, saying Kristen looks amazing as a vamp and giving some details about living 10 minutes away from them. The non-informed fans were shocked that they live together, the well-informed fans were too busy making stalking jokes. It would have been just another normal day, but Nikki replied to a fan on Twitter. This is more of a "don't know, don't ask" subject.  We have better things to talk about, like the MTV First with Kristen, Charlize, Sam and Chris. It was so cool! The dinamic of this cast is amazing, they were all in good spirits and Mr.Hemsworth, who said that On The Road is amazing and that Kristen is great on it, deserves a medal for his hotness. MTV First also showed a new clip of the movie, where we get to see the moment Snow White and the Evil Queen finally face each other during battle. Ravena is all like 'come at me, bro' and Snowy is all 'aaaaaaaaaaaa'.. Awesome.

A new SWATH BTS clip came out and a new clip of the movie. Actually, the second clip is just the Prince looking to God knows where and the Mirror Man's voice on the background asking 'who will you be when the end comes?' or something like that. I'm not sure who I'll be when the kingdom falls, but I'm certain that by the end of this movie I'll be a dead woman. To finish our tuesday, Kristen was photographed leaving her hotel in NYC, on her way to the airport. Girl is as busy as my keyboard.

Now to some Robert news that came out on wednesday.. A Mission: Blacklist poster was released, probably for this year's Cannes Film Market, where the movie is being sold. "In a world of lies only one man could see the truth".. and I'm sure we can all recognize those eyes. Setting the mood for Cannes, we got to see a new/old fanpic of him there, back from 2009. Damn, that man looks good on a suit. He also covers Premiere Magazine this month and the pics, just in case you're wondering if Rob is pulling the Lady Gaga, are a tribute to Cronenberg's movies. Also from Premiere magazine, a Cosmopolis review praising Robert's "deepness that gets more & more fascinating as his character gets closer to hittng rock bottom/gets closer to the abyss". Cosmopolis also got the UK release date set to in June 15. Christina Ricci was on The View and talked about doing love scenes with Rob for Bel Ami and Kristen being on set in Budapest for his birthday. Awww.. We all know that already, but hearing it over and over again is the best thing ever.

As we get closer to Cannes, On The Road gets more and more attention. The movie was featured on Premiere Magazine and also got a pretty good review from the mag, saying "actors succeed in sharing with us the excitement of the discovery". The Hollywood Reporter’s “Making ‘On the Road’ Stories” that appears in the May 18th issue brought us some new Kristen quotes and a very interesting flasback on the movie's production history. Nice read for anyone who plans on watching this movie! Gerald Nicosia, author of 'One and Only: The Untold Story of On the Road' talked About Kristen during a radio interview and, finally, we got to take a look on the press kit for Cannes, with some new HQ stills. We also got a date for the UK premiere: August 16.

Still on wednesday, Kristen arrived in Paris, where she appeared on Le Grand Journal with Charlize. Still investing on blazers and flats, she looked amazing and so did Charlize. The language barrier is such a bitch, though. Kristen and Charlize were on the La Boite à Question and it was hilarious. It brought us some memories of Kristen and Rob promoting Twilight and being all funny there too, but this flashback is not supposed to go THAT far. We got another SWATH TV spot and all the teasing is driving us crazy. Kristen talked about Charlize in the June issue of Instyle Magazine and the way they praise each other is so sweet. Anna Kendrick also mentioned Kristen, talking about her transformation in Breaking Dawn saying she's "going to be a fucking super hero!". Thanks to Snow White and The Huntsman, we'll get to see her being a hero soon.

On thursday, designer Monique Lhuillier mentioned Kristen when talking about dressing celebrities and sad she has been amazing. Another designer, Colleen Atwood, who created the costumes for SWATH, also talked about working with Kristen. The day was slow, which was a good break from all the insane amount of news. New Snow White TV spots came out and the troll clip longer and in HD. Did anyone notice the size of that troll's ass? It's like Beyoncé-troll, really. A new cosmopolis still featuring the World's Luckiest Limo Ever, according to the Dreammates International Academy, came out. We heard the casting of that limo was pretty competitive with all the candidates coming from garages from all over the world. Kristen was seen leaving Paris and boarding the wrong private jet. How many times in your live will you be able to say you boarded the wrong private jet? I'm sure that if I ever board a private jet accidentaly it will be because it was a private jet in the first place. Flying a little less 'porsche', Rob took a pic with a flight attendent on a flight to London. We love when we can use the words Robsten and London in the same sentence. And they were spotted leaving their hotel in London, heading to the Graham Norton Show taping.

Universal confirmed on Friday who will be attending the UK Premiere of SWATH on Monday. Kristen will be there, of course and, who knows, Rob might decide to show up. We sure hope so! Acess Hollywood released a new interview with Kristen on set and some BTS footage and a new clip was exhibited on Alan Carr Chatty Man of Snow White and the huntsman upside down, surrounded by the dwarfs. Kristen's accent continues to impress us. A new interview with Kristen and Garrett from the On The Road press junket they did back in April was released, and it's probably the first of many to come. The SWATH cast was in Arundel on friday and on saturday for the SWATH press junket. The photocall happened on the first day and some pics of her giving interviews on the second day were tweeted by the press people. Josh interviewed the cast again on day 2 and tweeted that he talked to Kristen about Cosmopolis and competing with Rob at Cannes. Talking about a major teaser right there! Kristen was on The Graham Norton Show and Chris Rock was there with her. The dinamic of the show is really fun and she was giggly. Not many fans in the audience and she was asked more about Twilight than SWATH, but we're used to it by this point (so is she). It was cool and the jokes were nice. You can see she's a good sport. According to the fans that were there a lot from her interview was cut, including some talking about thrusting and sex noises when asked about Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Two new outtakes of the promotional photoshoot for SWATH came out on Saturday, also complete on set interviews of Kristen and the cast and new clips and b-roll footage. Finally we got to see the legendary punch! Both Rupert Sanders and Nick Frost mentioned Kristen this week and Terra Colombia released an interview with Kristen from the UK press junket, where she talked about her ambition of directing her own movies and what she loves about Snow White. A new/old picture of Kristen with Chris Weitz at the A Better Life premiere after party came out and wow... time flies. Now I was just rushing through all that because I wanted to comment on Kristen's new cover of Elle US. OMFG. There's a new hot couple in town: Stensten. Woman is looking all sexy and elegant and wearing clothes too expensive for mortals like us and we get to see her having some PDA with herself. In other words, Kristen is a krisbian in this shoot. BUT DAMN she mentioned Rob as 'my fucking boyfriend' and she talked about the golden ring as something that 'everybody already knows'. Yes, we do, but you confirming is like covering the chocolate cake with M&M's. Epic interview and one of the best photoshoots of Kristen until this day.

And that is all for this week! Told you it was a lot. Now to the future: on monday Kristen will attend the SWATH premiere and on Tuesday she's said to participate on a Facebook chat with Chris. On Wednesday she's flying to Berlin to promote the movie. On Thursday she will be in Spain, where she is confirmed to appear on the TV show "El Hormiguero". On saturday she will be in Mexico, where she will to do a video chat with Sam and mexican fans can submit questions for them. And Cannes is almost here! First On The Road and Cosmopolis screenings on May 23rd and 25th. It was also announced that Kristen will present an award with Chris Hemsworth at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards on June 3. Despite all the fuckery around this event, at least we get to see them and... Never mind, I could use so many bad words to talk about this and Alma would kill me if I turned this flashback into a protest.

That's all for today. Next week will be equally insane, so don't give up on us just yet. You're gonna need a recap again. Also, a little note on @RobstenDreams reaching 16k followers. Amazing! Thanks for being with us, people.
Move along, sir! See you next sunday :D
The Dreammates

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