Weekly Flashback ~ Catching up with the Dreammates

(4.29.2012 - 5.5.2012)

Hello, dreamers!
Here's the thing: we were discussing about the best way to bring a recap of the week to you every sunday, so that you can always remember the important things that happened during the week and make sure you didn't miss anything. Better than that, to interact with you and be more informal about the news. We hope you like this weekly flashback, linked to our own posts. So much happened this week and we tried to be as brief as possible. Let's catch up, shall we?

Rob and Kristen landed in Vancouver on sunday. Yes, landed.. With a plane. You would think that with all the ninja hiding skills these two have been developing they would have wings by now, but no. Last week Robert went from DC to Houston to Seattle to Vancouver to heaven... We all thought he was meeting with the president for the White House Correspondents Dinner, but Robama didn't happen. Dean did what we all would love to do: he was there to meet Rob. I think that's cute for some reason.. We grow attached to their teams. Kristen left Los Angeles on sunday, and can I add that removing a jacket never looked so good? She landed like a boss and we got to read some tweets of a paparazzi complaining about John running over his foot with the stroller. Videos came out on the next day.

On Monday 396 new outtakes from the endless TV Week Rob photoshoot came out. I feel like we'll all be old ladies talking to our grandchildren about Robsten and those outtakes are still gonna be coming out. Little comment: EW is the ultimate cockblocker for not releasing some outtakes. Now, I wouldn't talk about this here if we weren't in love with Universal, but a video of Kristen wishing them a happy 100th year anniversary was released. They had 100 years to learn how to be better than Summit in so many ways.. Ok, I'm done with the hating. But they released some new SWATH character posters and new TV spot and the soundtrack cover and we love everything! Also, we got to see the preview of the novel and Rupert Sanders being all cute again and talking about our girl. But that's not all! More BTS footage where we get to see Kristen a little bit and hear Mr.Hemsworth's sexy voice (*swoon*). Also, Sam Clafin talked about Kristen in a new interview and don't we just love when people praise her talent and dedication? And then we got two more clips, one with Kristen's amazing accent and the other one with some BTS footage of her and Chris fighting a troll. To top everything, another cool video, but this time the BTS of 'Breath of Life'. Phew.

Talking about breathing, the song in the international Cosmopolis trailer, Need to Breathe, was revealed, more info about the soundtrack too and EOne was confirmed as distributor for North America and UK and some production notes with new details about the movie, including a new interview with Rob. Plus: not one, not two but three new clips from the movie. And that charming english boyfriend is looking even more charming in a new clip and new BTS video of Bel Ami. Big news: he was announced to be the star of the upcoming film  Mission: Blacklist, the "inside story of the search for Saddam Hussein and the interrogator, Eric Maddox, who spearheaded his capture". And, faster than expected, a new Rob interview with Premiere.fr talking about this project came out the next day. What could we expect from this fandom at that moment but pervert comments about him wearing a military uniform and proud tweets on a new promising character? But to top this week with more goodies, we also had the info that he joined The Rover, "a film that follows one man’s pursuit through the Australian Outback of the men who stole his car". Pause to take a breath, to thank this blessed week from getting our heads off from MTV's low punch on this year's MMA's nominations. Since I'm not allowed to use the F word here, I will stay away from that subject for now.

On Thursday, we got to see airport pics of those two leaving Vancouver together, looking good and smiling. A paparazzi also tweeted that Kristen made fun of him or something like that, pleased that John was not being nice to him. It seems like John is the Sith Lord for all the paparazzi and the Master Yoda for all the fans. Anyway, good to see them again after those reshoots, saying the final goodbye to the characters that brought them together. Also, Kristen taped her episode of Jimmy Kimmel and we can't wait to watch her SWATH promo interviews.

Josh, someone we love despite the fact that he works for you-know-who, tweeted on Friday, after we got a preview of her interview for MTV First, to be exhibited on May 8, that Kristen will also be on an episode of After Hours soon. But back to that preview, she looks beautiful with her legs out and killer heels making the krisbians around the world cry unicorns. Afterall, she IS the world's best dressed woman. Still on SWATH, the complete soundtrack list was revealed and it will be officially released on May 29. But back to Rob now, three Bel Ami clips came out, which reminds us of New Moon promo and the fact that we basically saw at least 40% of the movie before the premiere. The press kit for Cosmopolis was released and with it new HQ stills of a non-sexy and extremely bad looking Robert... Can't even joke that way. It's unnatural to talk about that man like that. Cosmopolis will premiere at Cannes on May 25. And, in case you forgot, On The Road will also premiere there on May 23. Kristen will be there! TomStu, Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund are also confirmed. Busy week, yes or yes?

Let's talk interviews! As if we were not excited enough about OTR, Kristen's interview from Trois Couleurs got us even more eager to watch this one. Her passion for the character and her excitement when talking about the filming process can make us smile like proud parents... or a really proud Rob. To top our friday with chocolate sprinkles, Kristen was on Jay Leno, looking beyond beautiful. Leno is a nice guy (anyone is better than Lettermummy..), showed a clip of Kristen's small role in The Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas (best ring tossing ever, ok) and a new footage of SWATH, where she seduces even the damn troll. She got hurt during the reshoots of Breaking Dawn Part 2 in Vancouver, filming the first hunt again, which makes the whole fandom go all Edward and worry and wonder if she's taking good care of herself and want to protect her and... Interview was nice and she was adorbs as always. Pics of her leaving the NBC studios after the show came out, giving Skittles some free publicity. Changing the subject, a final one sheet poster from Snow White and the Huntsman was released by the official Facebook page. And allow us to say: from all the amazing promotional material we've got so far, not the best one.

Wrapping it up, next monday Kristen will attend the MET Gala, probably slapping society right in the face again with some stunning (most likely Balenciaga) red carpet look. Kristen is scheduled to appear on Le Grand Journal in Paris with Charlize next Wednesday. Next Friday she'll be on The Graham Norton Show in London. Get your red bulls and breathing exercises ready, we have some exciting stuff coming up. If we didn't miss anything, that's all we had to talk about. We hope you liked this flashback!

See you next sunday!

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