Sam Claflin Talks About Kristen with Den of Geek

What’s your take on Kristen’s character in the film?

What I loved about how Kristen approached this character is she put a lot of heart of soul into this, she literally dedicated her life to this project and I think the results show for themselves. The character’s got a little bite and a little fierceness, she doesn’t mind punching people, like Chris in the face. She’s very strong-willed as well as the kind of naivety and purity side of things, she’s strong and independent. She goes from girl to woman in this film and it’s quite interesting to watch.

Is Snow White a modern heroine in Huntsman?

I think she could be easily, I think young girls could walk away from this and think, I want to be like Snow White. She’s not a fighter but she is a good person and hopefully somewhat of a superhero. It’s no different from me walking away from Superman thinking, I want to fly and wear pants over my trousers. There are going to be a few more tomboys out there wanting to get stuck in thanks to her.

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