Nikki Reed Talks About Kristen as a Vampire and Mentions Rob and Kristen

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During Celebuzz‘s exclusive chat with Twilight star Nikki Reed, when we weren’t talking about babies and her new jewelry line, we obviously had to get the scoop on Breaking Dawn- Part 2.

“I haven’t seen in any clips yet, but I will tell you Kristen [Stewart] makes the most gorgeous vampire– it’s insane,” gushed Nikki.

“She really does. When we were filming I was just looking at those red eyes — it’s fierce! The fans are going to die.”

Now that filming has wrapped, has Reed been hanging with any cast members?

“This is just the honest truth — I see my costars all the time,” Nikki told Celebuzz’s Taryn Ryder.

“Kristen and Rob live ten minutes away, so that has been great. They’re great! And Peter [Facinelli] lives five minutes away, Jackson [Rathbone] lives three minutes away. We’re all super close to each other so it has felt like we’re still working together.”

Source | Via: kstewfan10 | Alice_InTwiLand

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