New Picture of Kristen with Gerald Nicosia at the OTR After Party

He talks wonders about her and even jokes about Rob some :) LOL

From his facebook: Kristen and me at the afterparty. At the press conference before the screening, she said many kind things about me and my books, especially ONE AND ONLY, for which I am very grateful. She is not only beautiful, she is one of the brightest young people I have met in many years. And there’s a fire in her that I think will make her one of the top actors in her generation.

I have been to many ceremonies in my life, but nothing like the Palm D’Or competition at the Palais des Festivals at Cannes. The premiere of ON THE ROAD was the hottest ticket in town, and everyone was talking about it. In fact, it was the only movie that had a whole wall across from the Palais painted with a 50-foot-high poster of the film. Well over 2000 film producers, directors, technicians, actors, celebrities, and notable people showed up, the women in exquisite gowns, the men all in tuxedos with bow ties (I had to buy one in town!). Only Robert Pattinson dared to wear a straight black tie, but who was going to criticize Robert Pattinson?!

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