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She waved at Chrisska!
Lime skirt and black top with pony tail. Gorgeous!
They talked wolves. Thrusting. Lily Collins. Lily Cole. Panic Room. And loads of stuff i connot remember x
She was smily and gorgeous. JB stood exactly where Dean stood last year!
She said Charlize may scare the kids but that she liked being scared in movies as a kid x
She said she read OtR earlier than normal b/c of home schooling and now she is in the movie and going to Cannes!
K got confused w/ the European kissing on both cheeks when greeting Graham. Bless her!
As we suspected, not a big contingent of KS fans. Just @chrisska and us!
Yes - she drank water and there were 3 red chair stories. Batteries = Patrice was hilarious! X
So so so tiny. Cannot believe she spent 3 months eating Lucky 7 burgers at the end of last year. Tiny! xxx
The warm up guy used the words American Girlfriend (talking about himself) but we totally cracked up!! So funny xxx
They talked about Rock and Mangan doing stage plays. CR teased K, saying she was not good enough yet!
Graham said if you have a vampire baby you should defs bottle feed!


K had a ponytail, asymmetrical yellow skirt, black long sleeved shirt, black flats. GORGEOUS
I will tweet all I remember when I get home. They talked about SWATH, BD, mentioned OTR briefly.
PMSL the clip was the troll, there was no Huntsman punching.
GN kept talking about Twilight and asked when OTR STARTS filming. Not cool. Barely any SWATH talk.
HBG was in front of us, he cried tears of laughter at one bit. LOL
The laughter was at the detention slips bit. You will see.
I love her bracelet, you could see it sparkling from afar. :D
Oh, the bit where she talked about "boning" was hilarious. (E&B leaving their child cause they can't wait to have sex) LOL
She said a couple of phrases in English accent when she was talking about SWATH (GN didn't comment on it), so cute. I hope they keep it.
It was not very nice being the only K fans in the audience (and Barnsie, but she wasn't sitting with us).
There was this sweet bit where she talked about her mum (called her "nuts" LOL). GN was asking about their pet wolves.
GN:"Have you started filming OTR?" K:"It's finished. We're going to Cannes, actually." Chris Rock: "Me yoo, see you NEXT WEEK." *dies*OMG JUST REMEMBERED THE BEST THING EVER. *tears up* (Ok, 2nd best to her waving at us on her way out and smiling her shy smile)
When she was talking about leaving the sex scenes in BD1/2 to the imagination of the fans, she looked at us when she said "these guys"...
And all 4 of us were like "OMG!" and I may or may not have given her the thumbs up... All of us were flailing... She smiled. :D
A big part of her noticing us so much was the fact that only about 6 ppl in the audience were big fans of hers. I wish more people came.


Oh my gosh. About to see K-Stew on GN. Flailing.
That was. Ah-Mazing.
'I made too much noise...he thrusted too much...' I wonder who the 'he' was -wink wink- #GNKStew
...and the #SWATH clip was amazing! Kristen punching Chris Hemsworth in the face. Badass! #GNKStew
'It's better for them (the audience) if they get to imagine it in their heads...I know you do' So cheeky suggesting we think of her and Rob.
Waving at the fans with signs on the way out too. Aw! #GNKStew
'I'm actually going to Cannes soon' yeeah! #GNKStew
An absolutely amazing night with @barnsie_com and K-Stew of course; looking absolutely stunning in lime green (she's a beaut!)
@adawnn1 It was so amazing. I'm glad to be helpful :D you should get a version of the show on BBC America too...she was so good!
@adawnn1 We were in there for a couple of hours so it will probably be condensed. She looked so beautiful! In a black semi sheer top too.
The amusement between me and @barnsie_com when the warm up guy confessed to having 'an American girlfriend' - giggle snort -


Arrrrhh Kristen was amazing, but Graham made us look like crazy 'twihards' -___-


Saw Kristen Stewart and Chris Rock today at work...BOOM! @GeorgeWebster Kristen looked hot!!! :)

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